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Mercedes AMG SL65 V12 - Decontamination & Protection.

AMG SL65 Decontamination Mercedes Winter protection

Where do we start with this one.....

This quality example of an AMG SL65 V12 BiTurbo comes to us for regular TLC and at the end of each year it is decontaminated and sealed before being put away in storage. 

To start with, KKD Citrus Magic V2 at a dilution ratio of 10:1 is applied to all the necessary areas such as the window seals, wing mirrors, wheel arches & front end.

KKD Brake Away diluted 4:1 then applied to the wheels to give the solution chance to bite into the dirt. Next up is KKD Blizzard Force snow foam at 50ml to 500ml of water in our trusty snow foam lance.

After being allowed to dwell, the solutions applied to the vehicle are jet washed off to allow us to safely wash the paintwork.

Mercedes AMG Alloy Wheels

Next stage is to wash the paintwork with KKD Cherry Wash using the 2 bucket method and Dooka wash pad. This stage removes the remaining loose debris from the vehicle before the decontamination process can begin. 

KKD Tar Off applied to the paintwork and after dwelling a quality mf cloth is used to wipe the surface over and remove the tar spots. The remaining residue is jet washed away, re-dried and then KKD Iron Rain V3 applied to remove fallout from the paintwork.

 KKD Tar Off AMG

The fallout remover is jet washed off the paintwork and then the car is re-washed using the 2 bucket method again before being dried with an LE Silver Back XL Drying Towel.

To complete the decontamination process the paintwork is then clayed using LE fine clay and wiped over ready for polishing.

We use the Rupes DA polisher and fine compound to polish the paintwork to remove any wash marring or clay marring to ensure the best finish is achieved.

A wipe over with diluted IPA and a KKD Krystal Grey removes any oils left behind after polishing.

Final stage for the paintwork is coating it with KKD Purity X using the applicator method. Purity X is diluted 10:1 and then applied a panel at a time to achieve an outstanding finish.

KKD Purity X sealantAMG SL65 Interior

Before allowing the vehicle to leave us the glass is cleaned using KKD Krystal Klear and an LE Streak Buster, the wheels are checked for any remaining residue and then the tyres dressed with Meguiars Endurance.





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