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Valeting services

Standard Car Washes


Standard Exterior Wash FROM £20+vat 

  • Inspection of vehicle
  • Snow foam pre-wash and rinse
  • Wheels cleaned using separate bucket
  • Hand washed using premium quality wash mitt and 2 buckets
  • Rinsed and dried with plush drying towels
  • Exterior glass cleaned
  • Door shuts wiped

Bronze Valet

FROM £60+vat for small vehicles ie Fiesta

From £80+vat for large vehicles ie Range Rover

  • Inspection of vehicle
  • Citrus pre-wash applied to required areas
  • Detailing brush used to deep clean badges and crevices
  • Snow foam applied to vehicle and allowed to dwell then rinsed
  • Wheels cleaned with 3rd bucket/guard
  • CG wash mitt and Garage Therapy Shampoo used with the two bucket method to wash the vehicle
  • Rinsed and dried with CHEON Double drying towel
  • Door shuts cleaned
  • Interior & exterior glass cleaned
  • Interior vacuum
  • Interior plastics wiped

Standard Interior FROM £20+vat

  • Mats and interior items removed from the vehicle
  • Full interior vacuum
  • Door cards, dashboard, centre console and interior plastics wiped
  • Interior glass cleaned
Interior Cleaning


Enhanced Interior FROM £150+vat

  • As standard interior 
  • Carpets and seats wet vacuumed using our Karcher Puzzi system  
  • Furniture Clinic Leather Cleaner with Tampico brush for leather surfaces
  • All interior surfaces dressed or coated
Cabriolet roof cleaning


Cabriolet Roof Clean & Seal FROM £100+vat

  • Full examination of vehicle roof 
  • Fabric deep cleaned and mould/moss removed
  • Roof sealed with Fabsil and Fabsil Gold