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KKD Purity X 250ml

KKD Purity X Polymer Sealant


KKD Purity X really does set a very high standard in paint protection and can be used in many ways to apply. 

It is an extremely concentrated blend of siloxane polymers and can be used as an aid to the wash process during the final rinse or can be used purely as a spray on sealant depending upon dilution rates used.

At dilutions of 10:1 it can be used as a conventional sealant. Apply to the panel via applicator, wait to haze and then buff clear. This will provide up to six months durability. Application spray bottle available in the same list as the products.

Purity X can also be applied through a foam lance. When 5ml is mixed with 500ml of water and applied to the vehicle surfaces it will act as a sealant application and provide a stand alone layer of protection with enhanced gloss levels or boost the existing LSP. For regular maintenance work 1ml in 500ml of water will maintain the finish and hydrophobic qualities

Can be used on all painted surfaces and also glass.

Available in either 150ml or 250ml and is supplied with a 10ml syringe for accurate dosing.

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