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KKD Trim X Trim & Tyre Dressing 250ml

KKD Trim X Trim Dressing


KKD Trim X is a blend of highly advanced polymers for improved visual effect and increase durability on tyres and exterior trim.

With its complex base of siloxane polymers Trim X when applied will cross link and bond to the surface it is applied to giving a gloss sheen and enhanced durability. In effect it forms a skin which acts as a barrier to water and road film. For increased gloss and durability a second layer can be applied either by microfibre, brush or foam applicator. If a less glossy appearance is desired then Trim X can be diluted with water for added economy and a more satin finish. 

To help make diluting and applying even easier, there is a kit available from the drop down options. Simply dilute 1 part Trim X to 1 part water in the empty Trim X bottle to use on interior plastics.

With its 'anti sling' properties the car can be driven a very short time after it has been applied to tyre unlike some of the alternative products on the market.

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