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Paint Enhancement.

Bilsthorpe Detailing Paint Enhancement

Paint Enhancement Packages.

Grab yourself a brew and get comfy, well worth a read if you are looking to have work carried out on your vehicle.

Due to modern lifestyles very few people these days have the time to wash their own car and even less understand the amount of damage the local hand car wash inflicts on the finish.

A paint enhancement package is often used to restore the damage caused by incorrect washing methods and cheap hand car washes. An enhancement is basically a term used to "enhance or improve" the finish of the paintwork and trims on the exterior of your vehicle.

All vehicles are checked visually before any work commences and any concerns noted.


The vehicle is then pre-washed before washing to soften any debris and remove loose dirt. This is done using a jet wash and a product called snow foam which has been developed to specifically soften the dirt. Once the snow foam has done its job it is then removed using a jetwash.


After the pre-wash stage the vehicle is then washed using 2 buckets or the 2 bucket method. (2BM). One bucket contains clean water and is often referred to as the RINSE bucket and the second bucket contains clean water and shampoo, WASH bucket. Both bucket have special guards in the bottom known as Grit Guards to prevent dirt getting back into the washing process. The wash mitt always goes into the rinse bucket to clean off dirt before going back into the wash bucket. Shampoo suds are then rinsed off the vehicle.


Following on from washing the vehicle, next is the decontamination stage. Even after washing the vehicle it is still technically dirty. Daily driving, and even when its parked up, the paintwork is constantly being contaminated by various sources. The most obvious is tar spotting which is tar coming off the road surface you are driving on and bonding to the paintwork. Fallout is seen on the vehicle as tiny orange dots and can often look like rust dots. These particles come from many different sources including iron slinters from the brake pads/disks as you brake. Special chemicals are used to remove this contamination. The vehicle is then re-washed to remove any residue left after decontaminating. Claying the vehicle is the final stage of the decontamination process. A clay block designed for the detailing industry is used to remove the last traces of contamination on the paintwork so refinement can commence.


The magic stages. This is the part where the magic happens. Now the paintwork is clean and all contamination has been removed you are left with the perfect starting point to remove or improve the marks in the paintwork caused by incorrect washing and drying. A paint thickness gauge is used to check the condition or thickness of the paint on the vehicle and help to identify any areas that may have been resprayed.

Depending on the level of improvement the owner of the vehicle is looking for, a series of foam pads and cutting compounds are used to carefully "cut" back the thickness of the paint to gradually improve the finish on the vehicle. This is a very time consuming process and even a single cut can take at least a day. This is usually referred to as a single stage enhancement.

As you can see from the work involved above, it is a very time consuming process and requires a great deal of technical skill. A single stage enhancement is only really recommended for someone who is looking to sell a vehicle and needs to improve it before sale. A multi stage enhancement can take at least 3 or 4 days and with protective products applied on top this often becomes a weeks work.

Custom Creations (UK) pride ourselves on the level of finish we achieve and the attention to detail.

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