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Protecting your new vehicle.

Ceramic coating Detailing Feynlab

So you have just been and picked out your new car. All very exciting. 

For many people a vehicle is just a box that gets them from A 2 B. It doesn't need any paintwork protection as its going back to the dealer in 3 years so whats the point? 

For some people who have been saving for years to afford that vehicle they have always wanted protection is critical. 

In both cases paintwork protection is an absolute must. A lease vehicle will often carry heavy penalties for marked or damaged paintwork caused by incorrect washing etc. Ceramic coating will help protect the paintwork far better than not being coated at all.

We often hear people say they have had dealer protection packages before and it didn't seem to often any advantage. This is because in most cases the vehicle isn't prepared correctly meaning the coating they apply won't stand a chance. Paintwork has to be extensively prepared and any issues addressed before anything goes near it. 

Custom Creations (UK) other many options from an entry level package that includes Feynlab Ceramic Lite which offers up to 12 months paintwork protection  to our Total Protection Package that includes all aspects of the vehicle including the wheels and interior. 

Need help deciding whats best for you? Drop by the unit or give us a call.

Thanks for taking the time to read. 



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